Your Comfort & Privacy is important to us.

With our newly revamped studio, we have 3 private rooms that is furnished in a warm and cozy setting, to create a peaceful and positive ambience.

Things to Consider Before Getting Tattooed

  • Eat a good meal, at least two hours before getting tattooed or a light meal.
  • Try not to drink heavily the night before or day of your tattoo.
  • Avoid getting tattooed if the area of skin is dry, sun burned, sore or sever acne. Not all raised scares can be covered by a tattoo.
  • Apply healing lotion to area of skin being tattooed everyday for a week prior to tattoo.
  • Make sure your body is healthy enough to be tattooed.  (Cold, Flu, HIV, Hang over,Diabetes etc.).
  • Try and avoid getting tattooed before a vacation especially if you are going to come into contact with the sea or pool water.
  • Design choice is very important.  We may not be able to tattoo you if the design is too tiny and is very complicated.
  • Take your time when choosing your tattoo and consider the area. It is going to be on your body for the rest of you life.


Things to consider before Getting Pierced

  • Eat a good meal at least two hours before getting a piercing or a light meal. Being nervous on an empty stomach can make you light headed.
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing. For naval piercing one-piece clothing should be avoided or lacy items as jewellery may get caught and snag.
  • Be sure you bring any identification you may need to prove your age. You have to be 16 years and above.
  • Be aware that if you are a minor your body is still growing and this means that the piercing can grow out or change position.
  • Consider the area of the piercing as your job, lifestyle or sporting activities may affect healing time, risk of infection and may cause the piercing to migrate, shift or reject.
  • Re-piercing an area. Be sure that you are fully healed. It will take a 1 to 3months or longer to heal before the piercer can re-pierce the skin.
  • Try and avoid getting pierced before a vacation especially if you are going to come into contact with the sea or pool water.
  • Please do not get pierced if you are on medication or your body is not healthy enough and you have a medical condition.  (Cold, Flu, Diabetes etc.).
  • Be aware if you have allergies to metal, iodine, shellfish. If you are, please inform your piercer.
  • Healing and after care is very important and you will need to pay special attention to it. Like learning how to clean and up keep the piercing.