Properly configured autoclave sterilization unit with annual efficacy testing by government ministry. tattoo sterilisation

Safety steps are done before and after every tattoo and body piercing we clean our area with microbicidal spray. After every tattoo is completed, we dress each tattoo with a Melolin non-adherent sterile wound dressing. Antiseptic creams are also provided to aid with the healing of the tattoo.

Needles used for piercings or tattoos are disposed off and are never reused. All needles,tubes and equipment are sterilized in an autoclave.
All equipment used for tattoos and piercings are scrubbed, soaked in Korsolex instrument disinfectant overnight and sterilized in an autoclave. Disposable tube tips and ink caps are used to contain ink to ensure that every customer’s set up is clean and safe every time.
Artists and piercer wear disposable latex gloves. ISO & FDA examination compliant.